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The NIMH-IRP hosts the Regulatory Peptides: Emerging Neurotranslational Opportunities Workshop March 25-26, 2019 in Building 35A, Room 610/620/630/640 and Atrium.

Peptide-based therapeutics have reached a promising level of development. The number of peptides approved for drug use (mainly for treatment of metabolic disorders) by the FDA over the past five years is greater than that approved over its entire previous history. Most have peripheral targets, such as the pancreatic GLP-1 receptor in diabetes treatment. However there is now evidence that peptides given peripherally also act within the brain (e.g. actions of GLP-1 agonists associated with weight loss); that non-peptide brain-penetrant analogs for peptide liganded GPCRs can be obtained in high-throughput screens with newly-developed in cellula assays; and that privileged peripheral portals for peptide penetration of the blood-brain-barrier, such as the nasal epithelium, can be exploited therapeutically. There is also an emerging basic and clinical literature pointing to the potential efficacy of peptide-centric CNS therapeutics, based upon the identification of peptidergic circuits that modulate psychological motivation for eating, drinking, and other behaviors relevant to human disorders such as depression, obesity, anxiety, and drug addiction. Finally, basic and clinical research shows clearly how peptidergic circuits intersect with specific nodes and networks for sex-specific responsivity to stressors and life experiences. In all, these recent developments represent a confluence of opportunity for psychopharmacological translational research that is worthy of consideration and evaluation by the intramural and extramural programs of the NIH's neuroscience-focused institutes.

Workshop on Regulatory Peptides: Emerging Neurotranslational Opportunities Workshop
National Institutes of Health
Porter Neuroscience Center (Building 35A), Conference Room 610/620/630/640 and Atrium
35 Convent Drive, Bethesda MD, 20892

Keynote Speakers

Joshua A. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of NIMH

Introductory Remarks

Susan G. Amara, Ph.D.

NIMH-IRP Scientific Director

Speaking on "CGRP and migraine: a translational pathway for peptide-based and peptide-inspired neurotherapeputics"

Workshop Conveners:

Lee E. Eiden, Ph.D.

Chief, Section on Molecular Neuroscience, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Regulation, NIMH-IRP

Janet Clark, Ph.D.

Director, Offices of Fellowship Training and Translational Neuropsychopharmacology Initiative, NIMH-IRP

William Z. Potter, M.D.

Senior Advisor to the Office of the Director, NIMH